Sunday, September 2, 2012

How It All Began.... Hmmmmm

How It All Began....  Hmmmmm.  That is a tough one.  I suppose that I have ALWAYS been this way, but over the years a lot has changed, mainly my connection with the Spirit World, through my Ghost Hunting Expeditions at SE STUDIOS in the Gold Country of Northern California.

My team, SE SPIRIT CHASERS has a nack for hunting down ghost and kicking the shit out of angry spirits!  There is NEVER a lack of fallen angels or other douchebags that try to fuck with me on a daily basis, but when we do our paranormal investigations, I transform into this Man of God Superhero, that has no fear for the unknown and a passion for talking shit to would-be spirits from whatever dimension they may be from.

I find a lot of spirits who claim to be on "my side" and "helping me" as they would put it, but I am not convinced that they have any form of loyalty, but I am systematically testing them and getting to know their characteristics and learning the vocal qualities of various beings.  It's all quite fascinating to think that me, "Robbi Spencer" talks to ghost and that they call me by name saying "fuck you Robbi Spencer!", it's just awe-inspiring!

Welcome to the Preacher Robs Blog!

Hey everybody!  Welcome to the Preacher Robs Blog!  My name is Robbi Spencer a.k.a. "Preacher Robs" and I am an ordained minister and have been since 1989, when the Assemblies of God took me under their wing and brought me into the fold in an old-school manner, not only ordaining me, but sharing many spiritual gifts and teaching me me about worship music.

Many things have changed over the years, including ME and I have made so much progress as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and though I smoke more weed than SnoopDogg, I still love God more than anything and I have now set out on a 2-month journey, to get as many other Pastors, Priests, Prophets and Reverends to enjoy of a little of the Green Goodness that the Lord has put upon this earth for our use and consumption.

I look forward to sharing my stories, as I go from city to city and state to state, seeing just who has the balls to smoke with Preacher Robs!  Stay tuned for updates and information, which will all be available here on my blog and over on my YOUTUBE channel Preacher Robs.  Thank you for your love and support.  Feel free to leave me a comment....